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In order to maintain the normal visiting order of Xixi tourist cultural scenic spot and maintain the environment sanitation and recreational atmosphere, the following visiting instructions are specially formulated:

1、Visitors should consciously abide by the relevant regulations of the scenic spot and submit to the management of the staff of the scenic spot. Visitors are required to enter the scenic area orderly with tickets and keep ticket stubs for ticket verification. Those without tickets will be fined twice or more.

2、Adolescent children are prohibited from entering without school organizations, teachers' teams or parents. Old and infirm old people must be accompanied and not allowed to enter individually.

3、It is strictly forbidden to bring guns, ammunition, controlled knives, inflammable and explosive materials and other dangerous goods into the scenic area.

4、No one is allowed to bring dogs, cats and other pets into the scenic area.

5、Bicycles, rickshaws and animal rickshaws are not allowed to enter the scenic area. Vehicles allowed to enter shall drive at low speeds, shall not whistle, and shall be parked at designated locations.

6、Entry into scenic spots should consciously observe the order of tours, not crowded, so as to avoid blocking roads or exits.

7、When visiting scenic spots, we should protect our personal and property safety and take good care of the elderly and children.

8、Please consciously take care of all kinds of building facilities, display items, flowers and trees, do not climb and break flowers and trees and trample on the lawn, and strictly prohibit the depiction of buildings and trees.

9、No spitting, littering cigarette butts, paper scraps and other debris, and no defecation.

10、No stalls are allowed in the scenic area, and no business photographs are allowed in the scenic area without the consent of the unit.

11、Visitors should pay attention to their own safety, prohibit climbing construction facilities, prohibit overturning fences and retaining walls, and those who violate the law bear their own consequences.

12、Teachers of primary and secondary school students should educate students to take good care of the environment in the scenic spot, maintain the sanitation of the activity site, and punish those who pollute the environment in the scenic spot.

13、Tourist guides entering scenic spots should strictly abide by the management regulations of the scenic spots. They should not use loud microphones to make noise, cheat and deceive the masses. Violators should be fined according to the seriousness of the circumstances, until the qualifications of tour guides entering scenic spots are cancelled.


Please abide by the above instructions consciously. Those who violate the above regulations will be criticized, educated and fined according to the seriousness of the circumstances until they are sent to the public security organs for investigation.





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