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Xixi tourism and cultural scenic area of Dongtai locates in West Suburb of Dongtai City, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. There are new 204 national way, 333 provincial way, Huiyang Road, Xihuan Road and other main streets to go through the scenic area, so there is convenient traffic. Yancheng Airport is in the northwest of the area and it is 80 kilometers away from Yancheng Airport. There are 5 to 6 flights every day. What’s more, Xinyi and Changxing Railway go through Dongtai and there is railway station in the city. The station is 8 kilometers from the area. There is line 3 and line 12 bus to go to the Xixi tourism and cultural scenic area and they are 15 minutes for each bus. Besides, there are car rental parking points at the entrance and exit of the scenic spot, so the traffic is very convenient.   


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