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Xixi Characteristics

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       Cultural Park of Dong Yong and Seventh Fairy plans to cover 146 mu with the total investment of 67 million yuan. The first phase is 45 mu to build such scenic spots as sculptures of Dong Yong and Seventh Fairy, Dong Xian Temple, Cameo Corridor, Old Pagoda Tree and Land Temple. In December 2010, it has been awarded as national "2A" tourist scenic spot. By far, based on the eight spots in the first phase, all kinds of tourist facilities such as walking paths, Landscape Bridges and so on have been built up and the twenty-four spots of the fairytale of Dong Yang and Seventh Fairy have been perfect. The love story between Dong Yong and Seventh Fairy has been zoomed in. The project covers an area of 90 mu and it is planned with the investment of 35 million. The whole park is initially scheduled to be completed and opened on this May Day.     

      Taishan Landscape Avenue is in the length of 277 meter. Song Dynasty style archway has been an emphasis in the construction. The pavement of pedestrian landscape road is made of granite material. Landscape lamps and antique streetlamps are set on both sides of the road, which adds some elegance for the spot area. Commercial and cultural street in antique style is developed and constructed by city investment company. The construction area is 11643 square meters with the total investment of 45 million yuan. Following the requirement of the new as old and antique matching in the lightening of the road could fully show the historic cultural features of Xixi ancient town.   

     Dongtai Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park is invested with 300 million and the total area is 2000 mu. Centered with the artificial lake covering an area of 600 mu, Fairytale Lake, it is divided into modern agricultural exhibition zone, high efficiency horticultural demonstration zone and agricultural tourism zone these three function areas. It is the ideal place for people to experience agricultural culture, to return to nature and to have agricultural tourism.   

     Xixi Ancient Town is in the east side of Taishan Avenue of Xixi spot area. According to the basic principle of “Embodying with Ancient Town and Souling with Culture, the theme of Song Dynasty culture is highlighted. There is reproduction of the historic prosperity of Xixi ancient salt town to build up a Song Dynasty style business groups integrating classical and modern, culture and commerce. There are Xixi Academy, Sanxiang Court, Baysalt Cultural Museum. The first phase of the project covers an area of 45 mu with the investment of 220 million yuan. It has been built and open to the mass.      

    Haichun Pagodas Yard is cored with pagodas in Tang Dynasty and temples in Song Dynasty. Buddhist Cultural Agglomeration Area is built to fully show the Buddhist history in Dongtai. There are Taishan Temple, Buddhist Education and Culture Museum, Lotus Square, Cixiao Culture Museum, Guangfu Temple, Zizhu Jingshe and other scenic spots in the Yard. The project covers an area of 265 mu with the total investment of 80 million yuan. It has been built and open to the mass> 

     Xixi Ancient Town has been a comprehensive tourism area integrated with  three functions of tourism, ecology and leisure, and it is going to be new highlight of the city construction gradually, new carrier of history and culture and new place of leisure entertainment.  


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