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Development Planning

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Dongtai Municipal Committee and Municipal Government think highly of the development and construction of Xixi tourism and cultural scenic area, and the scenic area development has been started in 2007. In December 2011, Xixi tourism and cultural scenic area management committee has been set up formally, and there is significant achievement made by the organizing as a whole and advancing vigorously. The Xixi scenic spot is planned from east to Tanchang River, West to New 204 National Road, south to Taidong River and north to Xiangdong River. It covers an area of 16 square kilometers with the total population of 15 thousand, including Yanxi River Neighborhood Committee, Taishan Temple Neighborhood Committee, Wanlu Neighborhood Committee, Xijiao Village and Sancao Village these five communities (villages). The development target of Xixi tourism and cultural scenic area is: to form the interaction between cultural inheritance and production development with the development concept of "culture casting soul, integration and innovation, industrial extension"; to build a high-quality tourist destination integrating tourism, vacation, urban leisure and cultural industry and cultural industry cluster area of the Yangtze River Delta through the construction of waterscape space, the promotion of ecological environment and the excavation of cultural connotation; to strive to build billions of cultural industry parks in 3-5 years, so as to shape Xixi scenic spot as provincial (or even national) cultural industry demonstration base and national 4A (long-term strive for 5A) scenic spot.
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