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       Xixi is the origin of Dongtai City. It was set up a town during the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and was the governance area of Jianling County during the Emperor An of the Jin Dynasty. Xixi salt warehouse was set up in the first year of Kaibao Period in the Northern Song Dynasty. LYU Yijian, YAN Shu and FAN Zhongyan, three well-known prime ministers in history, had served as salt industry officers. Xixi has numerous scenic spots and historical sites, gathering of talents and culture, is a place rich in nature's treasures and heroes or great men.
      Xixi Scenic Area was created as a National 4A Scenic Area in 2014. In February 2016, it was selected into the Top Ten New Scenic Spots in Jiangsu Province, and in April it was approved to establish a film and television base in Jiangsu Province. It is speeding up the establishment of influential love culture town and national film and television base in Eastern China.

       DONG Yong and Seven Fairies Culture Park belongs to the Han-Tang-Dynasty style, featuring in two major themes of the filial piety culture and love legend. The Park has built DONG Xiaoxian Temple, Embossment Long Corridor, Shibali Pavilion, Old Eucalyptus Tree, Lotus-tyle Tea House, Saosi Well, Muyuan Pavilion, Shuangxie House, Sangtian Thatched Cottage, Heluolun, Shezitou, Cao’s Grand Courtyard, Big Teapot, Water Cart, Pigeon House and other 27 attractions.

      Xixi Ancient Town is rich in the architectural style of the Song Dynasty. The main scenic spots are Yanxi Academy, Sanxiang Pavilion, Haiyan Square, Ancient Gate Tower, etc., which are divided into the characteristic blocks of cultural display, leisure and health preservation, tourism shopping, fine dining and others, fully showing Dongtai's unique Sea-Salt Culture and "Three-Prime Minister" culture, and reproducing the prosperity of ancient Xixi canal transport for salt trade.


        Haichunxuan Pagoda, built during the Zhenguan Period of the Tang Dynasty (627 years), has a history of more than 1300 years. It is the first ancient pagoda in Jiangsu Province. It was built by Weichi Jingde, a famous General of the Tang Dynasty, known as "Weichi Pagoda". It is an Important Heritage Site under State Protection. The Pagoda is built by bricks, more than 20 meters high, with seven floors and eight sides. The Haichunxuan Pagoda enhances each other's beauty with the Millennium Ancient Temple-Taishan Temple, forming a series of characteristic scenic spots such as Suzhai Hall, Lotus Square, Guangfu Zen Temple and Buddhist Culture Concentrated Experience Area, so that the pagoda, temple and garden are integrated into an organic whole, intensively displaying Xixi Ancient Town's long history and culture.


      Xixi Film and Television Creator Center is the province's first film and television creator center, covering 1400 square meters, located in the southwest corner of Xixi Ancient Town. It is equipped with blue box, green studio, recording studio, road show center, VR, coffee bar and other service facilities, which is an important platform for Xixi Scenic Area to speed up the development of film and television industry and establish a national film and television base.

        Limu Street Restoration Project covers lands of 100mu, with a total construction area of about 22,000 square meters, and a total investment of more than 300 million. It is led by Professor RUAN Yisan of Tongji University in Shanghai, the father of ancient Chinese architecture, to plan and design the scenic spots such as the Hair Embroidery Hall, Salt Warehouse Exhibition, Three Generals Temple, Plough Tools Exhibition Hall, Sanxian Temple, and Film and Television Workshop in Republican China. It is one of the first provincial PPP pilot projects in 2017. The project had officially started on July 30, and the construction of residential accommodation is being accelerated.


       Xixi Botanical Garden covers an area of more than 2,300 mu, with 1600 mu green lands, more than 800 kinds of plants, 600mu lake surface area. It is a National Popular Science Education Base, a National Four-Star Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Park, the first batch of four-star rural tourism spots in Jiangsu Province, a Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park and a Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park. At present, there are agricultural cultural garden, fruit picking garden, leisure fishery center, wisteria corridor, lakeside tea house, nationwide fitness center, lakeside garden hotel, fine botanical garden, agricultural exhibition hall and others.



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